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The Fast, Affordable Broker

Welcome to Fab Freight located just outside North America's central transportation corridor, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Experience Firsthand The Competitive Brokerage Services We Offer
No matter how big, how small or how far your load needs to move...we will get it there at competitive rates! Fab Freight works with thousands of certified, bonded and insured carriers throughout North America, and that allows us to provide the ultimate in service with just in time freight!

We take great pride in the relationships we have with our customers and carriers alike-call your fast, affordable broker now and you’ll be a customer for life!

Fab Freight is owned and operated by Cheryl Cournoyer. With over 25 years in the transportation industry, Cheryl has a clearly diversified background covering air, ocean and truck freight all over the globe. With truck freight brokerage being her passion, she has built up a steady and consistent following of loyal carriers and customers who appreciate her level of expertise and timeliness, as well as her attention to detail.

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